3D artist, code & storytelling

I help clients tell stories with design & code. I can take projects from concept to completion or lend a hand to creative teams in need. My latest major work is flewnstory.com coming winter 2015 to the iOS app store. Previously I worked as a designer, animator and technical director for motion graphic studios such as GiantAnt, Autofuss (acquired by Google), GoodbySilverstien, Ntropic and many others.

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Portfolio | 2015

Below is a sampling of projects I created or had a heavy hand in their process.

Personal Project | Flewn

Flewn will appear on the iOS app store Summer/Fall of 2015. This was a self-funded venture with help from a successful kickstarter campaign. The story follows an old whale walking on stilts through the desert in search of a lost ocean. It combines elements of gamedesign mechanics with a classic storybook feel. Using the smartphone/tablet medium I wanted to explore what a good story could be when experienced with the multi-media output of the ubiquitous mobile device. I carefully combined text with animation, music and ambient sound to create a rich storytelling experience. Flewn was a tremendous learning experience as I delved into programming, hand coding the entire project. Find more information at FlewnStory.com.

Adobe | Enterprise

I teamed up with the designers at Autofuss(acquired by Google) to pitch GoodbySilverstien on a project for Adobe. The above images I designed, built in 3D, and composited. We went on to complete the project seen here. https://vimeo.com/50564259

SalesForce | Logo Illustration

SalesForce was looking to update their logo. I worked with Ntropic to realize the SalesForce marketing team’s vision.